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Water Softener Installation & Replacement in Scarborough and the GTA

Worried that hard water is doing unseen damage to your plumbing? Call Cedarwood ClimateCare and enjoy expert Scarborough and Toronto water softener solutions today!

For many homeowners, hard water is the last thing on their mind when they think of plumbing issues – and for another larger group of people – they may not even know what hard water is. If you didn’t know, hard water is a common issue for many properties in the Scarborough, ON area, and it stems from excess minerals in your water supply. These minerals, which include magnesium, iron, and calcium, can wreak havoc on your plumbing, fixtures, appliances, and even your health.

While that may seem like a frightening scenario, it can be dealt with by installing a water softener in your home. At Cedarwood ClimateCare we are a family owned and operated business that has been helping homeowners in the Scarborough area for over four generations. In that time we’ve learned that CLARITY by ClimateCare is the best way to enjoy hassle-free and affordable water softener solutions in your home.

Get Some Clarity in Your Home

Our goal at Cedarwood ClimateCare has been to provide our neighbours and customers with the services we would want in our own home. That’s why we offer CLARITY by ClimateCare water softener subscriptions because we know you’ll enjoy:

Top of the Line Products Gain peace of mind knowing your A/C, furnace, water heater, or water softener will work efficiently for years to come.
No Surprises Your subscription covers the cost of the equipment, installation, and routine maintenance.
Trusted Professionals Work with local professionals that have your best interests in mind.
12 Years Parts & Labour Enjoy 12 years of parts, labour and service all included in the cost of ownership.
Low Monthly Payments Affordably purchase an A/C, furnace, water softener, or water heater with low monthly payments.
Routine Maintenance Enjoy regularly scheduled maintenance visits by local HVAC experts. That equals peace of mind for you!

How Can a Water Softener Help Your Home?

Has your plumbing been suffering from low water pressure? Do you notice that your water always has a cloudy look? Hard water issues are not only damaging to your plumbing but also they can be unsightly for guests and family. A water softener uses salt as a means to break down those harmful minerals in hard water, leaving you with a clean and usable water supply. Other benefits include:
  • AUTOMATED CONVENIENCE – Water softeners may seem complex, but they’re easy to operate and can conveniently be programmed ahead of time.
  • ENERGY SAVINGS – Our water softeners use 80% less than traditional units – saving you money from day one.
  • SLEEK DESIGN – The last thing you want is another large appliance taking up space in your home. We work with compact units that only require 17 gallons of water per regeneration.
  • 12-YEAR WARRANTY – Everyone wants a system they can install and forget about. That’s why all our installations include a 12-year warranty.

Keep the temperatures in your home exactly how you want them with an all-new furnace or air conditioner installation.

Our Difference

For over four generations we’ve gone above and beyond for our customers in the Scarborough, ON area. Through this experience, we’ve gained a quality reputation that allows customers to expect the best from us, including:
The Best Technicians
Our staff is always undergoing training to ensure the services we provide in your home are the best around.
Always On-Time
We treat our customers the way we want to be treated, which is why we always arrive on time and ready to work.
Top-Quality Equipment
From energy efficiency to small size, we only use the best water softeners on the market for our customers’ homes.
Hard water can leave your skin dry and your hair damaged. Call Cedarwood ClimateCare and opt for clean water instead. We are your Scarborough and Toronto water softener experts – with top-quality services at unbeatable prices.

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