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Whether that’s news to you or something you’ve been griping with since you got your first bill, you’d probably prefer it if that number was a little lower. Luckily, there are solutions for a more cost-effective and energy-efficient method, such as tankless water heaters.

The tankless water heater Toronto residents trust most is the most efficient way to heat water. Our Rinnai tankless water heater is a great solution to help you save money. It heats water quickly and delivers an endless supply of hot water for as long as you need it. That means you only pay to heat water when you need it, for as long as you want it.

Even though we love the Rinnai, we also have many other models of tankless water heaters Toronto homeowners will enjoy. Like any other major household appliance, the cost of purchasing and operating a water heater can vary significantly from one model to another.


With a traditional water heater, a tankful of water is heated on a 24-hour cycle, which means that energy is being consumed even when you’re asleep or away from home – in other words, not actively using your heated water. This is what causes bills to be so highly.

With a tankless water heater, however, you’re only paying to heat water when you need it. Water is also heated quickly and on demand, and is available for as long as you need it. And with products from Cedarwood, you get convenient options like our maintenance and protection plans, giving you expert service when you need it.

Additional Types of Water Heaters

Other types of water heaters are:

Storage Tank Water Heater

They work by storing heated water in a tank so that it is available at any time. As hot water is used, cool water replaces it and is heated by electricity, gas or oil. Choosing an energy efficient storage tank water heater can improve your water heater’s efficiency by up to 40 percent, allowing you to see significant savings on your energy consumption.

Heat Pump Water Heater

Rather than generating heat directly, heat pump water heaters use electricity to direct heat energy from the air to the water storage tank. Residential heat pump water heaters use similar technology as your refrigerator, but work in an opposite manner.

The inside of the tank captures warmth to heat water instead of rejecting it as a fridge would. You can increase your energy savings if the cold air produced by the heat pump is utilized to supplement your home’s air conditioning needs in the summer. A heat pump water heater can typically cut the lifetime operating cost in half compared to traditional electric water heaters.

Integrated Space

Integrated space/water heating systems combine your home’s heating needs with household hot water requirements, saving money on total system installation. A single boiler is used requiring only one combustion burner and only one vent. Often these systems employ an insulated external storage tank with a high efficiency low mass boiler to first heat the water.

The system then passes hot water through a fan coil (similar to your car’s radiator) and blows the heat around the house in a warm air distribution system, similar to a conventional furnace. These systems are most effective in cooler climates, or when used with high efficiency boilers.

Solar Water Heater

Solar heating systems pre-warm household water in a solar collector and then transfer it to a traditional storage tank water heater powered by electricity, gas or oil. In the freezing winter months, the fluid in the collectors is generally an antifreeze liquid, which is then run through a heat exchanger to heat the household water.

Solar water heaters can supply up to 50 percent of the energy needed to heat water for an average household. Since the sun’s energy is a free resource, solar water heaters can significantly reduce a household’s water heating costs – savings that will eventually offset the purchase and installation costs of a solar water heating system.

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